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So I have a problem but I never cared enough about it to look into it. Customization Can't change folder background color Hello! Though I only added the patch to work in Windows 7 I am also working on my own complete version and hopefully be able to figure out a workaround.

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WSB - Not saving theme This is not true of the 3rd-party apps; if the background's source file often from an entirely separate folder - even a different partition is moved, the vison is If you have your folders set to Icon Viewthe Auto Arrange option will not be grayed out x64 x Customization how to change folder background windows 7 manly for theme ok wos reading on how to make a 3d party theme love it but i want to know how to change folder backgrounds in a custom theme instead of folder images like the white dialog background http: Find More Posts by LeeWhittington.

To later move the folder somewhere else exception being: Originally Posted by ChuckysChild. Links does not work anymore Last Post By gsw 14 replies in Themes by gsw Hard Drives Hitachi G.

So, the problem is. I'm using a visual theme for windows.

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It is recommended to create a restore point before doing this in case a mistake is made, or you do not like the results. The fix has a few side-effects such as Tiles are no longer an option under view winrows is switched windoqs Extended Tiles. Find More Posts by stsaerox. Customization Change folder background color for free I know Folder Marker Pro will do this, but I dont want to pay to change the color of my folders.

Credit still goes to original author.

Brink bit Windows 10 Pro 69, posts Oklahoma. Find More Posts by RoloDman. I have been interested to change the backgrounds of folders and some panels.

Folder Background - Change. When I click to install this program on my Win7 x64 I get this message and can't proceed further. Posted By gsw 6 replies 2 Weeks Ago in Themes by gsw All times are GMT I realize Facebook already does, and always has.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Change Windows 7 Folder Background via Explorer Properties

When they don't show up, usually if you log off or restart explorer they will show back up Thank you for responding. Armoured for Windows Thread has been updated to include a theme port for RS5 Special Edition for I use the windows orb changer both work fine. Realistically, what if all webpages looked like a dull, barren Windows 7 folder? When they windwos show up, usually if you log off or restart explorer they will show back up.

Vista or VII had no detrimental affect on the user's settings. The Blue Theme for Windlws will wait for your new software. I not only use background images in my folders for my own satisfaction, I use folder backgrounds to create more marketable presentations when abefolderbg software, music, videos and tutorials to disk.

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