Alzain mohammad ahmad

May Allah ease their affairs of this world and the next. Biography of Alzain Mohamed Ahmed. I found of his recitations. I started Ramadan with you listen Quran and Alahmdelilah finsh it today. Sheikh Alzain Mohamed Ahmed is a pracious gift from Allah.

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Alzain Mohammad Ahmad

Love it, and read it. This is the best Quran ever heard. Manshalah may allah give lots of ajar and hassanat.

Emadaldeen Nasr Ibrahim 4 August May Allah Bless you and your family. Abubakar Abubakar 15 April Photo gallery - View all photos. Recitations Photos 7 Comments A unique and wonderful blessed voice to recite the words of Allah.

The quran is a challenge to those who don't try. I always wish to alzan a recitor like him and often recites like his style.

Alsalamu Alaykum also Alsalam go to all Muslims around the World, Al Shiekh Alzain Mohammed Ahmed he is precious gift from god to Muslims,his recitation is one of the beautiful voice and sound ever I listen to,may Allah reward his good work,he make my Ramadan this year so beautiful with his Qur'an recitation,I practice my Qur'an this Ramadan with his beautiful recitation,may thanks to the people who run this site,I wish you and all Muslims around the world happy Eid and god bless.

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Mustapha ahmed 3 August I have corrected my mistakes by listening to his recitation. His recitation makes me so happy and his voice is so golden that I feel like seeing gold when he recites. Place of revelation All Makiya Madaniya.

And I must say I am a proud of Sheikh Alzain Mohamed Ahmed Insha Allah ,We enjoy lisening him ,and may Allah take care of him here on earth and after this life too ,I will also to give thanks to the people who runs this site may Allah reward their work. I really enjoy listening to this Qari, actually, he reminds of other Quran reciters I used to hear in my homeland who read the Quran the same style as Qari sheikh Alzain.

By checking this box, I agree to write this comment without spelling errors, otherwise it will not be accepted. Abdullah Ali 8 April Zaynab Night 16 June May Allah make him happier in Jannah than the way he makes me happy in this Dunya.

Alzain Mohammad Ahmad

He has got a very beautiful, melodic voice and may allah give him lots of hassanat! Zeeshan Khan 28 July Abdalla Farah 3 January Muhamed-sadiq M 11 August I first thank the publishers and the workers alzxin this website. Biography of Alzain Mohamed Ahmed.

I found of his recitations. Ahmed ibrahim ibrahim 9 November Knaan 9 August Most of the Qadi's mohammadd I have heard are from the Gulf states zlzain it was great ,ohammad come across Sheikh Ahmed. Remember that the quran will become a witness to us in the grave and the hereafter. The Sheikh Alzain Mohamed Ahmed was born in Julyin a village in Omrawaba province in a state located in the north of Kordofan in Sudan, his love for Quran has started at an early age, as he joined Sheikh Dardiri in Khursi area which is 12 km away from his hometown, and he obtained a Bachelor degree from Al-Azhar University in September Mansha,allah my family and me we listen sheikh alzain mohamed ahmed and realy we like his qira,and beautiful voice GOD bless him I will also to give thanks to the people who runs this site may allah reward your.

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