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Feargal has taken up Karate from the unseen groundskeeper, Mr. Consequently, they boys are rather cold to her, and some of them make fun of her behind her back. Mel and Kim are new to the school, but they have been friends with Cyndi for a long time, so they are automatically accepted into her group. Most of the photographs are c Grant Leslie, www.

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Give your creative team an early start with the digital script and score.

This is not necessarily by choice, but more by the fact that neither of them fitted in anywhere else, so they found each other. What they don't know is that at 18 she posed nude for Hustler.

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They did, of course, have the time of their lives. The kids came off stage screaming with excitement and so did I in the wings. The full song list is below with 80d flags indicated for discrepancies between song list. All three of them come from excellent family homes and are probably considered to be the "nice" boys of their year. Can I congratulate you once again on the wonderful and effective script and the way you managed to weave the storyline around the popular songs of the 80s The show is so colourful- the storyline so credible- the songs so unforgettable- the kids really enjoyed every minute.

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It is there that Mr. Feargal is a nice, sensitive young male - but that doesn't count for much when you are 17, get good marks at school, wear glasses It was later re-orchestrated and arranged by Brett Foster injust prior to the Australian Production. It has been a tremendous success, and we sold out every night. As with every other female, she would love to have a fling with Michael Feldman, but she settles from time to time for Billy Arnold, or Lionel Astley, or Huey Jackson - or anyone else from the football team who is around.

Maria Heenan, Producer, St. Michael and his gang tries to leave the scene, but Feargal stops them, demanding they go apologize to Eileen immediately. Cocker " Man hack the Mirror " - Mr.

However, when they are not around he shows his true colours - he is a mean, manipulative oaf who picks on smaller bck. Just had to drop you a quick message. They announce that elections for senior school president will be held the next Friday. Cocker can't get over the magazine incident. Thanks for giving us a superb script and fantastic music to work with!

It is the early 's and the main character Corey Snr. Tiffany enters, praising Corey for being supportive of Eileen. It has been a tremendous success- with everyone praising the show.

It was a ticket frenzy when the tickets went on sale. The popular svript, led by Tiffany, talk about their summer vacation, the girls talking about how they got home late from many parties, irritating their parents "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" while the guys, led by Michael, talk about how they spent all summer working, Michael saving up to buy a car "Footloose".

We have already filled our two extra performances. Before the prom, Mr.

Back to the 80's

They are all getting cars, but Kim tells the girls that Michael's car is nothing to be seen. The boys continue placing letters in her locker.

Seventeen-year-old Corey is madly in love with his next-door neighbor, Tiffany Houston, one of the coolest girls in the school, but she is too busy mooning over Michael Feldman, the hottest guy around.

Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. Not much else to be said - big hair, wears clothes that were cool at the time, but now just look like fluorescent mismatches of colour. We found the musical to be brilliant! Back to the 80's Costume Rental.

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