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The maximum Dance Point score is therefore equal to double the number of steps plus two times of number of freezes in the song. Dance Dance Revolution Bemani. Challenge Mode , also referred to as Oni Mode , formerly known as Challenging Mode , requires you to complete a set course of songs, with difficulties set and, in some cases, different mods. January 25, EU:

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SuperNova 2 retains these characters while adding six new characters and a dedicated character selection screen, for a total of 14 characters.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic. The game was released in Europe on April 28,followed shortly by a North American release on May 15 and a Japanese release on July The screen refreshes at a full speed of 60 frames per second.

Debuting in the original Dance Dance Revolution, foot rankings have been the staple indicator for a song's difficulty. July 12, PlayStation 2 NA: Using a script or add-on that scans GameFAQs for box and screen images such as an emulator front-endwhile overloading our search engine Running a "scraper" or "downloader" program that either does not identify itself or uses fake headers to elude detection Using a badly configured or badly written browser add-on for blocking content Overusing our search engine with a very large number of searches in a very short amount of time.

It is instead played like a normal Beginner Song. The three main difficulties of normal gameplay, Light, Standard, and Heavy, were renamed to Basic, Difficult, and Expert.

One of the criticisms about the revolufion port of Dancing Stage Fusion was that it was essentially supeenova home version game with only very slight modification played in an actual PS2.

Each individual song has its own high score, which is briefly displayed when the song is selected, but before it loads. Dancing Stage SuperNova Europe The American and European home versions of SuperNova contained new songs from the Arcade version, along with other localized licensed tracks, such as Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy and additional features carried over from previous home versions such as support for the EyeToy and online play.

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Unlike previous recent games, only previous songs from recent home versions or crossovers from Beatmania IIDX contain full motion video backgrounds. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Log In Sign Up. If you have RealPlayer or RealDownloader installed, it may be sending hidden and unwanted traffic to our servers.

The options menu was redesigned on Supernova, and is still accessed by holding down the start button when revokution a song. Mixed or average reviews - based on 25 Critics What's this? To compensate, Konami offered a coupon or soundtrack sampler for customers in North America who purchased the game in If you do not understand what is causing this behavior, please contact us here.

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The game was released in Europe on April 28,followed shortly by the United States release on May It also contains several licensed tracks. All this publication's reviews. In North America, a slightly different PlayStation 2 version was released first on September 25, before that region's arcade release on January 17, Note that this song was originally rated a "9" before the patch released in mid-September. Link Data was a planned feature for the Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova series designed to provide connectivity between the arcade and PlayStation 2 versions of the game, by means of a PlayStation 2 memory card.

Creating longer combos results in more damaging attacks. These attacks especially the stronger ones can include strange modifiers that cannot be selected under normal circumstances. Most of the songs featured in Supefnova and SuperNova 2 returned in subsequent arcade releases:.

Retrieved from " http: The other 3 are new to this game. It is the first One More Extra Stage to have a foot rating of Three of the new characters Alice, Julio and Yuni and all returning characters, with the exception of Robo-Zukin, also receive a second costume, for a total of 23 costumes.

Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA

Battle Mode is a competitive mode between two players. Some versions of Real's software track your pageviews and send additional requests from your computer, which in dande triggers our anti-spambot measures. August 22, NA:

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