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Added locations to collect Carbonrich rocks on layer 4. Updated colours for Factory labels in the Reck to indicate presence of guards. All of your uploaded nano programs are listed in this window, it has several tabs of different "Nano schools" as well as a "Favorites" tab. This new CSPmap release is essentially just a fix for that problem.

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This is an add-on to CSPmap v1. Weapons, Cloth, Implants and Social. You must have the CSPmap v1. This new CSPmap release is essentially just a fix for that problem.

Updated Greater Tir County to show removal of city plots. There are also alternate maps for each anarvhy the lnline dimensions showing which LCA's are unlocked aka "approved by ICC for mining".

Players who enter The Reck from Tir will arrive in this location.

Here is a brief preview of what awaits! A small wompah map is available as the first layer. Aye, your map is the most useful add-on there is. None of the changes are very big as there have been no big patches to AO, but I saved up a few smaller improvements that I feel are worth obline to share.

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All nano programs can be moved to any of these tabs and the window is resizable. User Control Panel Login Advanced search. Also bundled with this update is a new planet map! The two maps that come with Anarchy Online lnline both lacking in information and most people find it helpful to add a better map to their game. Can knline resized to fit your GUI layout, each individual button can also be moved around too.

Saavick's Map of Rubi-Ka update - v2. Added a missing store in Stolt's Trading Outpost. Orange The target is a little above your level. Finally, several "classic" dyna boss camps are spread over the anarcht of the playfield.

Is it just me or have city plots started re-appearing? Is there any chance you could change it to a direct link to my google drive please?

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The target is a bit lower in level than you. The followings things are new: Added the Re-Incarnator and the new hidden rooms in Inner Sanctum. Added a missing portal to the Inner Sanctum outside Rome Blue. Red The target is higher in level than you. All logos, characters, names and distinctive likenesses thereof are intellectual property of Funcom Oslo AS unless anaarchy noted.

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These files augment the CSPmap by giving additional information on city controllers, dynacamps, and notum fields. The target is a lot lower in level than you. When you install the CSPmap, it will change all user preferences to use the main CSPmap so manually changing it is no longer necessary.

Tir and Omni-1 Trade both house the entrances to this new region. Inventory Window I Pretty self explanatory, basically lists all the items in your inventory at the moment, is resizeable and can also be displayed in "List mode".

Daily missions within this playfield are only available to characters levels 90 through Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

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