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I also had to uninstall U3 from the poor computer which had been foisted upon. It has however been made easier to use in recent releases and Finale is probably the most user friendly version yet. Is this full version? I think I recall reading that Reaper would do this as well. Samplers Jul 18,

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Your review for Finale Notepad. Samplers Jul 18, You can always load whatever you want on a U3 stick, too, but Win 98 can be a "problem". Do you recommend it? How to load kontakt libraries in latest version? Allows you to compose music with parts for multiple instruments and can play it back for you with midi instrument notes. User reviews about Finale Notepad.

I've "packaged" some other applications myself and they, with a bit of work, seem to work now just fine as portable. Is this full version? Only, as I said, because I happen to need also some portable programs that finalle available as U3 only, I did not remove the U3 system - which I, like you, do not like - from one of my USB sticks.

latest finale portable version

Well, fonale fonts are not many, so it is very quick to copy them to system without a batch file, too, but a batch file makes things more convenient.

GramofonJan 25, Well, if the host is a computer of an enemy, the fonts and registry lines sure can be left on the machine Currently it is Friday, October 26, 1: SPSS The leading statistical software.

Changes are quick and easy to make leaving you to be spontaneous and creative the things you want to be without getting in your way. Brian On ebony and ivory I'll tinkle all day long. The largest publishers, including Hal Leonard engrave with Finale. Forum powered by dotNetBB v2.

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Pardon my newness to this process but my instinct says uninstall the free version first. Well, I would be happy also with a portable Finale without sound - who needs all that noise?

Softonic review If you're looking for the most professional music composition software possible then you can't go far wrong with Finale. I am podtable sure how much stuff Finale, when installed, writes to the Windows registry, but other than that, the "structure" of the set of Finale files on a computer seems to be quite simple.

TypingMaster Take your typing to the next level for free. I guess I can shut the internet off to do that in this case.

It has however been made easier to use in recent releases and Finale is probably the most user friendly version yet. Are there a lot of programs that run this way? It doesn't run only from USBs. Regards, Brian On ebony and ivory I'll tinkle all day long. Now I notepadd load what I want on this stick and use it from any computer, including those running Windows 98 which is not supported by U3. Many notepav the old keyboard shortcuts have also been replaced by one click actions meaning you don't have to remember all those "Alt" key functions.

I more than fully agree with you and feel exactly the same.

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I did some testing and am now replying myself. Certainly Finale is still probably one of the most powerful cross platform tools for turning ideas into music.

What do you think about Finale Notepad? On top of that the software has the option to hear the music as if a human was playing it not like a processed machine.

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