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I've done quite a few costumes for them, one texture meant to be a bat, but looks like a spider to me! If the girl terminates the session, she may still collapse after as few as three orgasms, but you must give her at least five in order to force the collapse. Than try these links:

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Any type will do, just make sure that she orgasms.

Once her mood is red, just have a H session with her. Please pm me or write on my profile if you find any kind of weird behavior on the clothes or the girl like static parts on the clothes or weird moves. Last edited by Stormwing ; Last edited by TSR ; I'll leave mine up for posterity, only because the file sizes are tiny, but really encourage anyone interested in RL to grab his set at the bottom of this page.

Artificial Girl 3: Traits

My girls - - - Tutorials - - - Mods. Artificial Girl 3 Database Public Release.

Artificial Girl 3 [ edit ]. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Add a page. Artificila Hoshino from Martian Successor Nadesico loli version http: Last edited by nyunyuelf ; The "Dress-up Setting" in the lower left corner of the main menu determines what the girl actually wears in the game.

Characters - Altered nipples to suit my taste on all girls.

Testing in worlds with 5 girls all with Brother Fixation shows that after "breaking" 3 girls, the final 2 may require you to save, quit, then restart the world for them to start getting Love points - as opposed to the first three, who you can "break" in a single game session without exiting. Then, I downloaded it useless. My AG3 uploads now dead links.

Goshuusou-sama Ninomiya-kun Note if someone with power is reading - I screwed up the image size on my first upload so it's looking horrible on the ag3m. Still, its a base if someone would like to tweak her further. Crawl and spread mod http: Than try these links: The girl must have the Blood Related trait and not have Brother Fixation. If you don't read all this, than you are to lazy and god can't also help you too.

Artificial Girl 3: Character Maker - Hgames Wiki

Info page and download here: AG3 Hair Styles Compilation. Originally posted by AlphaUltima View Post. First time vaginal and anal penetration will prevent the collapse, as will acquiring the Likes Anal trait. Here's my contribution to the Rapelay girls.

For upload please use the already existed one. Please help by adding to the article! Made Manaka's tits just a tad bigger. Depending on her personality and traits, she may not allow you to have anal sex with her until her mood is red.

Last edited by zhaul ; S Annoying Awesome Spamming Squad. For the expansion you will only need to do her 3 times following those steps above does not matter where.

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