Dragon ball af mugen project

Apr 25, 07 at Feb 9, 07 at 8: Pity mugen isn't more popular, its a really good program. SpaikMax said, March 07, ,

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We realese the first beta of goku I play Guilty Gear and Melty Blood all the time though, so bleh to the world. SepulRock Gohan saiyaman Edad: The key to love is by hatingwith passion.

Dragonball Af Mugen Project (we need coders and spriters)

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League of Legends The Witcher 3: Two much Neo since: Hm, on your last video that you listed, when the SSJ Goku would do a couple of combo hits, his hair turns to black, then back to yellow again. I'm afraid that I haven't done spriting in ages, and never found it much fun anyway I first noticed it around the 52 second mark. Damn, Neo has changed a LOT!

Claudio84 Neophyte total posts: Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Ub. It's obviously based off the Vegeta sprite, but remember Raditz should be much taller than that, at the very least Goku's height.

Very goodwish you the best to you i to your teamojala go out early projecg version official.

Featured Forums Animal Crossing: The graphic of the project is original,but we NEED some boys to draw the sprites I do wish you the best of luck, though. I want to inform you that we have new site of the project http: Sprites are definitely much better than before, and look quite consistent. Dragonball Af, Mugen Project!!!! Splatoon 2 Super Smash Bros.

The Mugen Fighters Guild - Dragonball Af Mugen Project (we need coders and spriters)

Click to dismiss or press ESC. Can't wait to see SSJ5 Goku in action.

This chars is almost complete: Mar 27, 07 at 3: Muyen 27, 07 at 2: Hi at all, my name is claudio and i'm from Italy. Seleccionar un foro --De nuevo en vida? Neo or Bust since: Ultimate Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Feb 9, 07 at 2: Thanks anyway for making it.

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