Avengers vs x men

Consequences delivers a memorable finish to Cyclops' struggle". Newsarama gave issue 0 a 9 out of 10 stating that it "does less to set up the impending crossover than to introduce the players involved, showcasing Scarlet Witch, whose return in the pages of Children's Crusade was touted as tying directly into the event, and Hope Summers, whose manifestation of the Phoenix Effect at the end of X-Sanction seems to be the ultimate precursor to what's coming". Suddenly, Thor crashes on the moon.

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Storm arrives in Wakanda in the aftermath of Namor's assault and tells Black Panther that the captured Avengers are being held prisoner avengerss a volcano in Siberia. Uncanny X-Men 11 GillenLand.

Avengers vs. X-Men

Furious, Namor goes against Cyclops's orders and leads meb Atlanteans into war against Wakanda. As he is leaving, Jake is murdered by other inmates, prompting Cyclops to take up the earlier offer to break him out of prison. After both women nearly destroy reality, Captain America orders them to stop. The prologue Avengers vs.

He plans to use these to host the Phoenix Force for his own designs. Mar-Vell eventually realizes that the Phoenix is after the fragment used to revive him, and after telling Ms.

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Hope knocks out the Lights, believing that she is the cause of the war and insisting she is the one that must end it. Sometime later, Emma tracks down a man who had secretly killed a winged mutant in and renders him catatonic to the shock of his family.

Avengers Academy 32 GageCamuncoli. After the battle, Noh-Varr checks in with the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree Empire who informs him of the coming Phoenix force and orders him to intercept and contain it at all cost Vd disposing of a rebel clone, he explains to one of his other clones that he has foreseen that the Phoenix Force would come after Hope, that the Avengers would try to stop it and clash against the X-Men, resulting in the Phoenix Five.

The X-Men and the Avengers divide on how to handle the situation. In some ways it's a more enjoyable read than AvX itself is so far. Cable succumbs to the combined efforts of the Avengers and his own infection of the techno-organic virus, and is brought to Utopia. VS does exactly what it sets out to do. The five mutants defeat the Avengers and head back to Earth with Hope. Avengesr Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For a team of youngsters, the X-Men really kept the Avengers on the ropes. This newfound tyranny causes division amongst mutantkind, as Storm, Pixie, Gambit and Armor look on from a distance. As days pass by, more and more Avengers are captured by the Phoenix Five, and Hope's training in V shows no avfngers. The Phoenix escapes Cyclops's body and enters Hope. Storm arrives in Wakanda to assist in rebuilding, but Black Panther coldly rebuffs her, revealing that as high priest, he's annulling their marriage.

But Storm then reveals that she knows where the captive Avengers are. Consequences 1 a 7. Avengers Academy 29 GageGrummett. Consequences 4 is still an enjoyable read with some ve visuals". Marvel Entertainment's Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada said, "Infinite Comics are a new technique in comics storytelling that is built specifically for the digital world yet in a very elegant way manages to keep the purity of what makes a comic a 'comic'.

Instead of imprisoning or murdering him, Cyclops sends Red Hulk back to the Avengers with an "X" carved in his vaengers.

However, Captain America survives the explosion and manages to knock out Gambit. As Magneto, Storm and Psylocke prepare to go to the Moon, Psylocke suffers a momentary psychic breakdown, at the same moment that the Phoenix bonds with the Extinction Team. IGN gave issue 1 a 6.

The Avengers fought Summers around the world with the help of the X-Men and Nova, as well as trying to contain the chaos the gigantic force produced around Earth, but who finally managed to defeat him were Scarlet Witch and Hope, the Phoenix left Scott and possessed Hope, but she managed to control it, repairing all the damage Scott caused on the planet, and finally, using the powers of the Scarlet Witch to manipulate reality, she destroyed the Phoenix Force with a final blast of energy which caused millions of people around Earth to manifest mutant powers.

The art by John Romita Avwngers. In deep space, Nova Sam Alexander tries in vain to warn Terrax of an incoming threat:

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