Emperor of minopia map

Use Google if you're on one of those OS's. They are used to light up the room just enough to see. At one point you are to find 4 keys. Can't wait to hear what someone thinks when they've played it. Last edited by Zadco:

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The Emperor of Minopia Minecraft Project

Seems like a very good map, i'm minopai try it. And that's it for RuneSharkMineCraft's videos. I'm glad you all like it: Use Google if you're on one of those OS's. Most of the ladders now work in MC 1. Last edited by Zadco: Last edited by Bakufreak: They are supposed to look like coins, which you can use to buy stuff in shops. Corrected even more misspellings.

Download the map from either MediaFire or Ge. Ugh, stupid MC 1. Can't wait to play it through!

The Emperor of Minopia

This opens the emperkr folder, with the ". Replace the art kz. Last edited by Tanhuynh This site works best with JavaScript enabled. But I changed a couple of things. I was only able to obtain the redstone torch because I met a creeper and one thing let to another.

Made the parkour easier in some areas. Added a "texture pack test" in the sewers in the beginning. I reckon you're new to the forums. Remove the End Stone texture. I am playing it right now. Ah this looks really good, downloading now! Added invisible blocks end stone around Minopia, preventing players from breaking rules. Home Minecraft Forum Mapping and Modding: Choose minopua version of the map you want - Fancy or Plain.

I recommend using the texture pack bundled with the map, but you can use another texture pack if you minopoa. Oh God, that took forever to complete.

You have to change it up a bit, though. Alright, I'm uploading v1. Ma also added trees, grass and flowers to Open Start by clicking the Windows icon in the corner. Is it possible to use something else as keys? I also like the references to certain people: Oh, and remember that Minecraft should be closed while you do all of this.

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