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Rare Mile Technologies I am continually impressed by the excellent service that Aspiring Minds provides. This module evaluates the candidates on their knowledge and understanding of the subject of Telecommunication and its applications. Transducers and industrial instrumentation Analytical and optical instrumentation Electronic instrumentation and measurements Control systems and process control. Atomic structure Chemical bonding Gaseous state Chemical thermodynamics Chemical and ionic equilibrium Solutions and colligative properties Electrochemistry Chemical kinetics. Overall the level of the paper is easy to moderate.

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Endocrine glands and gastrointestinal tract Adrenals, pancreas, testes and ovary Urinary system Reproductive system. The module evaluates written English skills and is aimed at determining the candidate"s ability to understand a the written text b the spoken word and c the ability to communicate effectively through minrs documents. Please enter a Username or Email ID. Logarithms Permutation and Combinations Probability.

Keep me logged in. The module tests particular areas of candidates strength and identifies whether the candidate is suited for a specialist or asspiring generalist profile in HR. The module tests the ability of students to understand the increasingly complex and critical area of finance coupled with knowledge of the practices of accounting.

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Popular Cities All States. Web search General Navigation Basics. Please provide your Mindd Name. Interview Questions of all major companies. Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory is based on the five-factor model of Personality. Choose the topic of your chat. Signal and systems Communications Fundamentals of network analysis and synthesis. Login with Email or Mobile number.

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Electrostatics Magnetostatics Electromagnetic theory. Please enter a password. If you want to know more about AMCAT, want to buy AMCAT or have any support related questions, please fill the form and you can chat with our agents who are online during business hours.

Airfoils and wings Basic fluid mechanics Compressible flows Viscous flows Wind tunnel testing. Machining and machine tool operators Tool engineering Metrology and inspection. Airplane performance Atmosphere Dynamic stability Static stability.

Your choice of modules increases your visibility for particular kind of jobs, for instance, if you take the Programming Module, you will be visible to more IT companies whereas taking a HR module will help you find HR profiles.

China and Japan to Develop Asia Infrastructure. During the test, you will be given an option to select any two domain specific modules.

Share your number and our executives will get in touch with you. Chromatography and electrochemistry Titration Other analytical techniques.

Electrostatics Magneto statics and electro dynamics Optics. Polymer testing Polymer technology Polymer blends and composites.

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This section is of moderate to difficult level. The module focuses to assess the candidates knowledge in basics of operating system and computer architecture, computer networks and database concepts. Please select the category. Annual Buy Now. No percentage bar in 10th and 12th. Cognizant Programmer Analyst Trainee.

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