Ibm tape diagnostic tool

Type T followed by a space and the content of the Message Display and press Enter. You can optionally type A followed by a space and an additional information text and press Enter. Both files start with the serial number of the device.

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Description of the problem 4. Was this content helpful? The full write will write the entire cartridge with varying block sizes either with compressible or incompressible data and output performance data.

The full write test can be used to - demonstrate that the drive is capable of writing the full amount of data on a cartridge. To test a tape drive inside a library, the cartridge must be imported manually before starting the Device Test. However, if the problem persists after following these procedures, it is possible that an unexpected condition occurred in the ITDT environment.

In the example above, the test passed, so the drive is tested good. Type Y followed by Enter to continue the test if you are absolutely sure that data on the cartridge can be overwritten. Select the following items: You may also refer to the English Version of this knowledge base article for up-to-date information.

To avoid this, press "OK" in the Insert Tape dialog only after waiting some additional seconds.

IBM Tape Diagnostic Tool (ITDT) v - United States

Type U followed by the Enter key to start the tape usage log retrieval. Invoke tape library self-test operations. You can find the Download diagnoxtic Rate this: After the scan is finished, you should see a screen like the following: Notify me of new posts via email. This is a known Windows problem.

Our apologies...

You are prompted to enter the number of the start record and amount of data in kB to be read: For the Standard Edition, no additional install of the Test Tool is required, once the program file has been extracted from the archive it tpe be executed immediately.

Press L followed by a blank and the data length, then press the Enter key to enter the data length.

The term tapeutil is a synonym for the tool that was delivered with the device driver. Measure system performance per system test.

IBM Tape Diagnostic Tool (ITDT) v6.1

Verify the encryption diagnostif. Type D and press Enter to start the firmware dump for the selected device. You can optionally type A followed by a space and an additional information text and press Enter.

Press Next to display the Commands Menu screen. If that is higher than 1.

IBM Using the IBM Tape Diagnostic Tool - United States

It also serves as a connection test that can be used to verify proper attachment of the devices. Run the test with incompressible data first, then with compressible data. Devices attached on more than 2 channels will be detected if they were already attached at boot time.

During the firmware update the following screen will be displayed, diagnkstic the progress: When logged in via telnet, backspace may not be working - will insert an escape sequence instead and the input will be ignored after Enter is pressed.

The full write will take approximately 2 hours. Type T followed by a space and the content of the Message Display and press Enter. Please provide additional feedback optional:

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