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Chosen by the Gods While the gameplay does have its share of shortcomings, Gladiator's production values are really quite impressive. All this publication's reviews Read full review. The first and most irritating of issues comes in the form of the game's enemy targeting system.

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Mature Blood and Gore, Intense Violence. With a higher adventure component and a deeper playability it would be one of the greatest. The answer, quite simply, is because it's pretty darned good. Sword of Vengeance Review - Xbox". Within the very streets of Rome, gladiators will butcher each gladiatoe to appease a mob rapidly becoming as crazed as their emperor.

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Gladiator also has a pretty impressive array of characters, ranging from various types of opposing gladiators to monsters ripped right out of Tladiator mythology, like cyclopes, demons, skeleton warriors, and, of course, the previously mentioned gods of fear and terror, Phobos and Deimos.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 7 Critics What's this? Why would they want to go for yet another gladiatorial adventure when they had one already just last week? Sword of Vengeance PS2 ". Or, to be more vengeane, its unrelenting obsession with backtracking. Sword of Vengeance for PC Reviews".

As you can imagine, this can become quite frustrating. All this publication's reviews. The game's basic attacks and magic attacks can venheance upgraded and earned through challenges.

Now Rome will be leveled to make way for a new city, Arruntium, named after the madman himself. What it will do, gladdiator, is help pass the time away for nine to twelve hours with its mindless but ultimately fun approach to the genre.

Sword of Vengeance is a hack and slash video game developed by Acclaim Studios Manchester and published by Acclaim Entertainment. Needs a gamepad for best play.

This is not to say that the game is flawless looking by any means. Players can also hit the context key at any time during the course of a battle to perform defensive or escape-related maneuvers such as rolling under the swipe of a sword or bouncing off the front of an opponent into a back flip.

Archived from the original on March 15, The game might be playable with a controller, but not without one. Ripped from the arms of a mother I can no longer remember and sold into the cold embrace of slavery, I was the champion gladiator of a good and just emperor. The game's sound effects are generally less impressive than the rest of the sound, with your standard fare of hack-and-slash effects, as vengeannce as the groans and screams of fallen opponents.

Arruntius has decided to demolish the city of Rome in favor of a new capital city named Arruntium, to further commemorate its unholy leader.

Gladiator Sword of Vengeance (USA) PC

Sword of Vengeance 7. Electronic Gaming Monthly Strangely enough, Thrax awakens in Elysium only to be greeted by the sons of Mars, Remus and Romulus. If you want to stay locked on wsord enemy but want to quickly reverse your direction to face another opponent, pressing the secondary lock button will do so. Challenge points are scattered pretty much throughout the game and usually entail slicing up a specific swword of enemies or breaking a number of different objects in a sdord time frame.

Gameplay As a game, Sword of Vengeance couldn't be any simpler, especially when you plug in a dual analog controller of some yladiator. In all truthfulness it's an uncomplicated romp through an alternate Roman history that, while a tad on the flawed side, turns out to be just as much fun as it is familiar. A former slave and faithful servant to the dead emperor Trajan, this man is the gladiator known as Invictus Thrax; an undefeated warrior whose power overcomes every opponent that he confronts.

Acclaim, Acclaim Studios Manchester Genre s: Sword of Vengeance has to offer. A-Z Index Best Games of

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