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Already have an account? This is a large 8-player Urban map. Green Cross is an eight player map very similar to other maps such as Whiteout or Forest Avalanche, it's a basic and straight forward map. Instalation Extract the contents of the zip archive to your My.

SP vs SV mappack Brothers wars. It appears the limit amount of placing custom skirmish and mission maps into the map folder is at least one hundred. A town situated in the middle of the pass provides garrison material and extra supply. By Kwyjibo Summary The main objective of this map is for your team to control the eight central oil platforms. The Valley River Split V1. To add something about the map pack, please do not attempt to put all maps into the map folder, otherwise the program will slow down, unless if you have a fast PC.

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It's already dealt with. The game should automatically filter out player map in conqueer ingame list order. It contains four maps: This is a 5 player map desert battle with hills villages a lot of supplies not to much.

Nice layout and interesting use of textures. I always felt like KW shipped with far too few maps.

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Captain's wasteland is a 2v2 map, AI is activated for skirmish missions. Well, this is my first map with Coommand support. The AI is enabled. A very intense 8 Player map. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Just extract these files to your maps folder under Command and Qnd Generals Data in My documents its where your screens are stored I have included a tga preview, a jpeg preview, and the map file If you have any problems and need to contact me my.

Traintrack though the City in the middle of the map.

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This is a single player map in which you are USA and have a pinned down team Bravo squad. A 4-Player skirmish map from ppv for Generals, basic 4 corner set up, but all players start on an island with three bridges leading in and out of the base area.

DOOM Dec 13, You are able to move your equipment from island to island using the carriers, there is also a supply of oil, a refinery, and stockpiles of supplies all over. If you have comments or problems e-mail david pasttree. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Command and Conquer 3: How to add the Maps to the Game.

A shell map from Starduster for Command and Conquer Generals. Sorry, I can no longer upload the map pack s anymore due to issues. Play along with a friend via an online or lan game, or go it alone in skirmish mode.

Share this post Link to post. This is a good map for 2v2v2v2, 3v3, 4v4, or 2v2.

This is a 4 player map for Zero Hour designed for 2v2 team play. Snow Front Singleplayer Map

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