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Color Chooser uses hexadecimal color values, combining them with transparent images that allow you to specify the desired style and color. And your gratitude will be our reward. The Joomla template is fully responsive that makes it look beautiful at any screen resolution.

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To say that this Joomla template was a great success - to say nothing. Each tab contains information specific type. Advanced typography for a custom design content. In the layout also introduced third-party extensions and styles, which include RokSprocket, allowing to add a design of any project elegance. Sj GoFast is a professional Transport, Logistics Joomla template that designed for transportation business with modern layout and lots of advanced features.

Explain the purpose of the slider, we will not, and only add that in the slider has a nice transition effect and the elements to switch from one slide to another.


Perfectly crafted design template is undoubtedly suitable for the creation of high-quality business sites. Template Description Clarion template is a "must have" pattern for all who have a corporate website or blog. Below is the logo of the template and panel with links to the sections available on your site. This layout has accelerated loading, supports a well-known and popular designer of K2, includes 10 styles and colors If the developer has released a new version on his website, then you remplate tell us about it.

Layout template contains 78 positions for the location of the modules and 12 color suffix. K2 Compatibility Styling Clarion provides styled support for K2 to visually integrate the component.

The following is a guide that covers how to set up your new Clarion template on your Joomla! In the top of the page template is a panel with ssylochek on the page clarikn your company in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. RT Clarion supports additional extensions studio. The ability to change the background image for the main color themes, template parameters.

RocketTheme Clarion v - corporate template for Joomla

RocketTheme Ionosphere - Joomla Template. At the bottom of the page, you can find the telephone number of tsmplate company, find it on a map, read the e-mail address and "like" her page in all social networks, in which only it can do. Clarion, the February template release, is a subtle theme, primed for business use or as a platform for extensive individual customization.

Subscribe To Prayer List. The transport Joomla template - Sj GoFast includes a awesome, professional homepage design specifically designed for transport, logistics or even warehouse websites. Below is a description of the template and blocks, jooomla and more blocks.

RT SolarSentinel - fascinating and impressive for its design template developers design studio RocketTheme and is compatible with Joomla version 2.

Clation template is perfect for content-rich websites about news, politics, finance, sport, world events SEO optimization Template is fully ergonomic and has an optimized code base to ensure good indexing Joomla site by search engines.

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Clean and tidy, this template Studio RocketTheme among other things has several predefined styles that radically alter how it looks externally.

Joomla Templates Feed Templates. RT Radiance - amazing new template from the studio RocketTheme, which houses the integrated tools for color selection.

Gantry Framework It is a complete set of structural elements for the rapid implementation of the development of a web platform with the advanced level of control and flexibility.

Compatible with version of CMS Joomla! RocketTheme Halcyon - Joomla Template. Take full advantage of modern web technologies. Sj MarketNews is a responsive premium Joomla template that built for financial sites: It is a complete set of structural elements for the cladion implementation of the development of a web platform with the advanced level of control and flexibility.

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