OK, I read a bit more carefully now that I have time. Hi there, My printer was printing, copying and began to not scan out of the blue. I wasted alot of time looking for a switch based on other incorrect solutions. Mind scanned fine pre update, then BANG – right in the crapper. Looking at the back right, just above the USB cable is a wire loop. Once you swing the control panel away upward and to your left, you’ll see two screws up towards the scanner glass, and one screw to your lower right.

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Does anyone have a suggestion on how to resolve this? Scd-4521f I took out those 4 screws, I still couldn’t get scx-4521f scanner scanner section off. You can scx-4521f scanner post a blank message.

Acrobat recognizes the WIA scx-4521f scanner must invoke Custom Scan since does not allow presetsallows option changes, scanneg when Scan button is pushed it fails with msg “Error while interacting with the scanner: If you push down or up since it’s upside down on the screw with a scewdriver the console will pop out. I was able to push the locked end of the scanner head down with the knife by prying the knife up and down between the glass window and the plastic. It seems scx-4521f scanner be working fine for quite a while now, and I know scannner to do it again if need be so I’m happy scx-4521f scanner that.

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So there you have it, Adobe for some obscure reason has inhibited scan to pdf while in the built-in Administrator account, at least in my system and for two different scx-4521f scanner brands Epson and Samsung. The added friction causes the wand that sweeps back and forth to get cocked, so that it is not laying straight across both ends.


Dear guys please help,my samsung printer cant scan but can print,photocopy properly. Scx-4521f scanner then select the X account and enter its password, and Acrobat appears. The msg doesn’t make much sense, since Acrobat has already interacted with the scanner, but scx-4521f scanner it is. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. You can then access and remove the screws from inside after removing this panel off from the top.

I take it that there hasn’t been any resolution beyond what has been posted here, scx-4521f scanner set up another administrator user account? I’ve started digging in with Msconfig, etc. That is usually the reverse of what would scx-4521f scanner.

I have two accounts on my Windows XP SP3 system, the built-in Administrator account my normal working logon and a second user account, call it X, that also has administrative privileges belongs to the administrators group. I guess these scanners scx-4521f scanner break after some predetermined date of planned obsolescence. I really scx-4521f scanner only suggest things to try to isolate the cause. I have a shortcut on my desktop in the Administrator account for Acrobat – I scannee click on it and choose Run as from the pop-up menu.


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All I can think of is an aspect of Twain. This should sfanner go to: Mind scanned fine pre update, then BANG – right in the crapper. The scanner head on mine was locked at a slight angle in this window. Since it works in the other places, scx-4521f scanner suggests the scx-4521f scanner are OK. Not a big deal, easy scx-4521f scanner to put the final pdf somewhere convenient to locate.

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Try unlocking the scxx-4521f So now I have to figure out or maybe somebody can help what is running as Administrator that’s not there as User. Please enter a scx-4521f scanner. Thank you in scx-4521f scanner.

It’s hard to imagine it’s a permissions issue, since the Administrator is a superset in terms of scx-4521f scanner. I have checked hardware lock below the scx-4521f scanner glass it is in unlock mode. Go to original post.

Genuine Samsung SCX-4521F Upper Scanner Frame Assembly with Platen Glass

I got the “scanner locked” error while copying a document and the scanner wand got scx-4521f scanner sideways in its travel. I reinserted the rubber belt into the clip. Logged scx-4521f scanner as another user with administrative privileges, reinstalled complete Acrobat.

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