It is these two moving parts that allows loft modification independently of lie angle modification. Only way to find out is trial and error. Any thoughts would be welcome Thanks guys. Important Notes , , and driver shafts are interchangeable. A trained fitter is recommended who can find the setting that truly optimizes ball flight for you and will allow you to get the most out of these fairway metals on the course. But for me i hit the center enough to like this one but i have to say i like the white finish and the feel of my Taylormade, only thing i ajusted i use the open setting of the soleplate.

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Loft titleist settings chart 910 lie are independent but not face angle and loft. Hi, I am new to the site and have a question. One advantage with having an adjustable driver is that you can change the swing without having to change the club to achieve optimal titleist settings chart 910 conditions. The high performance stock shaft options are highlighted by three improved proprietary Diamana shafts that feature Next Generation Diamana MDI multi-dimensional interlay technology and three different weight and bend profiles to fit a broad range of players.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. Hi John, Thanks for the question and positive feedback. As you add loft the face closes. Tradition with more than a sprinkle of cutting-edge technology? The new F is just such a club. My intent was to give you all the necessary tools to help you find the SureFit setting that helps you get the most out of your Titleist equipment.


I hope this helps.

SureFit® Performance Guide | Titleist

Both sound and feel were not neglected — in fact both were enhanced to deliver a hotter, more solid chary upon impact. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

The shafts come installed with the SureFit adapter, so you can switch them out in a matter of seconds. Scenario two is that the titleist settings chart 910 soles the club on the ground, takes his grip, and the driver is still 9.

910 D2 performance guide

I am confident that I could crush any new model of driver, but accuracy and dispersion are the most important features for me. First day with titleist settings chart 910 after buying I set it at C1 because the chart said it would be the highest launching and promote the most draw – played a lot of rounds and even a couple tournaments – titleist settings chart 910 really in control with it but managing Below is the chart as you are probably used to seeing it…. Performance The Titleist D3 will not allow you to drive the ball 30 yards farther than a properly fit driver from four years ago.

Great review and great club. Chagt you for your help. If you do this you are simply playing with a different face angle, and did not change loft at all.

First I titleist settings chart 910 recommend the B1 setting. From just an aesthetic standpoint, the entire line of woods is by far the best looking Titleist has ever made, and I really hope others take note.

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Titleist Series – Hybrids and Fairway Woods at GlobalGolf

I felt that I could go after the ball as much as I wanted and not lose control of the clubhead or need to time anything as the clubhead whipped around. Thanks for any feedback on this subject.

I never would have looked at an 8. You can also close the face if you are slicing the ball. Tommy – October 3, – 3: This driver performed incredibly well, particularly on shots caught high on the face.

Titleist 910D3 Driver Review

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The unique SFT dual-angle hosel allows golfers to set fhart and lie independently to titleist settings chart 910 ball flight — higher or lower, and for more draw or fade for increased distance and improved shot control.

You get to try it when, where, and how you want for two weeks before deciding if you want to buy it settinys not. Both of these specs will aid in keeping the face open during impact and help to avoid the left side of the golf course. Remove weight from driver head.

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