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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. How readers respond to this novel will largely depend on how they feel about reading blow-by-blows about sex between a year-old middle-school teacher and the year-old boys she craves. There is a smattering of contemporary fiction, usually a book that is so prevalent in the zeitgeist that failure to read it would mark me as hopelessly out of touch. Jack is humiliated, but Celeste tells him that she is attracted to him and the two begin a relationship. The POV she chose will not allow it.

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Sure, Celeste could've been more sympathetic in the vein of Humbert. It's hard for us to imagine a woman sexually abusing a man.

Much more cohesive than her other novel Made for Love. She is undoubtedly one of the most well-sketched female antagonists in contemporary fiction.

Book World: ‘Tampa’ fumbles with a taboo

Celeste begins a sexual relationship with the fourteen year old Jack. We face our own uncomfortableness - or not - reading explicit graphic sexual acts And a side note to HarperCollins: If you can fampa suspend your disbelief, some of her crazy and outlandish efforts to keep her affairs secret are mildly amusing. They become — if this word is appropriate for pedophiliac descriptions — boring. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

In aljssa end Celeste kept doing what she was doing though.

A twenty-six years old, eighth-grade English teacher with a thing for and only for 14 year. Celeste is driven purely by lust. I sometimes feel we're harder on female nuttiny than male ones, so we see situations like with Celeste and Joe.

Tampa by Alissa Nutting – review

I knew I'd find it hard to cut the girls in my classes any slack at all, knowing the tanpa generosity life had already gifted them. He's a cop and she teaches junior high. She is one of the most incredible authors I have ever had the pleasure of reading from.

No nuance, no subtlety, and in the end that makes for not ttampa a transgressive book without any redeeming value, it makes for a boring lead character. This then provides limitless joy to all the creeps who then say there you are, women are just as bad as men. That is the trick Nutting is trying to pull off.

If we'd been treated to something akin to Humbert's narrative in Lolitaif it was our sympathy that Celeste looked for, I think the important message would be completely missed. But when her lustful frenzy begins to spiral out of control, the insatiable Celeste bypasses each hurdle with swift takpa and shameless determination.

Tampa by Alissa Nutting

Jul 23, Steve Lowe rated it really liked it. Retrieved from " https: I decided to read Tampa mainly because I was curious. The answer lies in her proclivity for schoolboys, specifically fourteen-year-olds. This is pure and raw. Celeste Price — 26 years old, married, affluent, gorgeous — has just been hired as a schoolteacher in suburban Tampa, Florida.

I'd tam;a the sexual yardstick for his whole life: But instead of any complexity, Celeste is simply a single-minded predator. The first thing you should know about this novel is that it's the kind of book you don't want anyone reading over your shoulder. Maybe, but in the meantime, Alissa Nutting has written a book of gleeful child sexual abuse, and she's written it like the sex is at the same moral level as Reflected in You!

As a guy, it's difficult not to imagine my own year old self being in that situation, and how amazing tapa would have been. Should there be nufting other way to experience sex?

You know it's a story, so in this instance nobody actually got hurt. I am not a stranger to fiction with controversial themes - I loved The End of AlissqAmerican PsychoLolitaLamb and Notes of a Scandal all but one of which, of course, have notable similarities to this in terms of why they're controversial - but there were times when Tampa tested my resolve. He may as well have asked her if she needed a hug, the poor girl.

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