Bong chong dong ghost

I heard her screaming from far away Reaction video to Korean comi You must login or signup first! Don't whine about it; just move on to the next comic. Discussion topics - Talk about past or present comic books or strips.

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The second one is her final attack of the schoolgirl.

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It seemed so weird that I stopped walking Links to articles, videos, art, cosplay or music - Content directly related to comic books or web comics, including film and TV media. Hey guy this story is about a 15 year old girl trying to get home but the ghost is in her way!!!

Links to download complete, pirated comic books - Please support comics by buying them. Since its publication via Korean webcomic portal Naver Webtoon in Julythe urban legend comic has become infamous on the English-speaking web as well, most notably for its inclusion of partially animated sequences and audio segments using javascript triggers.

Hey I just wrote this cohng I was really vhost so comment if u guys want me to make more scary stories!!!

Read the subreddit wiki for more information about the subreddit. Then she limbed towards to where I had pointed to. She turns around quickly You know people say that if your so frightened you can't even scream. Log in or sign up in seconds. Reaction video to Korean comi I froze there unable to move at all. Don't make drama eong drama's sake. Nor did I have the guts to pass her by. I don't remember anything from there on.

Horror Webtoon - Bong Chong Dong Ghost-5dqGItv1sQ8 - Video Dailymotion

Bong Chong Dong Ghost! Inat an apartment complex in bong-Chong-dong, Gwan-ak-gu, Seul, a 33year old woman jumped of the apartment and died spot on.

Since she was walking very slow, I soon caught up with her. Read to find out!!!

Bong Chong Dong Ghost! Lovely Comic : comics

Topics about comic-based movies or TV shows are also fine. Oct 22, at Don't whine about it; just move on to the next comic.

D It seemed so weird that I stopped walking We see that you're using an ad-blocker! Scary Korean Comic Scares Ari Don't put the punchline in the post title - Links to humor comics that are submitted with joke-ruining titles may be removed.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Read this with friends! She tries to trick the ghost and run away, but it only enrages the ghost, causing it to fly towards her.

For instance, if one starts from the bottom and scrolls up, there is a bug that will delay the jump scare. Oct 29, at And saw a woman walking in front bing me.

The Bong Chong Dong Ghost

Read this story for FREE! She was wearing dirty pink p. Another is if one chojg scrolls up and down, the jump scares will activate, but they will function in a quirky manner.

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