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It is intended for use at smaller sizes than Gill Sans. All about typography Forum: To cover your point about weight, for some reason the Bold looks to be equivalent to what Monotype or Adobe now sell as Extra Bold.

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Digitized data copyright The Monotype Corporation Retrieved 8 November Modern sans-serif designs inspired by Gill often adapt the concept by creating a design better proportioned and spaced for body text, a wider and more homogeneous range of weights, something easier since the arrival of the computer due to the use of multiple wans or interpolated font design, or more irregular and hand-drawn in style. Gill Sans remains popular, although regukar trend away from it towards grotesque and neo-grotesque typefaces took place around the s and s under the influence of continental and American design.

Gill Sans MT font family - Typography | Microsoft Docs

Several intended Gill Sans competitors were developed during the period of its popularity but ultimately did not see mass release. It was not until that I was asked by the Monotype Corporation to do a sans-serif for them. Strange Brigade Knight Kinds?

Archived from the original on 3 March Cyrillic Bold Inclined Add type sample. InGill and Monotype released an extremely bold sans-serif named Gill Kayo from KO, or knockoutimplying its solidity. Retrieved 22 July Man of Flesh and Spirit. Despite the popularity of Gill Sans, some reviews have been critical.

A View of Type Design. Retrieved 13 February — via British Newspaper Archive. Extra Condensed Bold Add type sample. Retrieved 26 February Archived from the original on 27 December Gill Sans Fonts Character Set: They've aans switched to Gill Sans Light.

GillSans Regular font

Not all typefaces shown. The basic letter shapes of Gill Sans do not look consistent across styles or even in the metal type era all the sizes of the same styleespecially in Extra Bold and Extra Condensed widths, while fonnt Ultra Bold style is effectively a different design altogether and was originally marketed as such.

It contained some useful content which I'll summarise here: Former ATypI president John Berry commented of Gill Sans' modernised spacing that "both the regular weight asns especially the light weight look much better when they're tracked loose".

Photina News Plantin Calvert In the Wild Add your photos View all. Pentagram's redesign of Benetton's visual identity system Dry transfers like Letraset had a similar effect for smaller reyular their sans-serif Compacta and Stephenson Blake 's Impact exemplified the design trends of the period by choosing dense, industrial designs.

They both bear the stamp of the people who designed them Gill Sans' technical production followed Monotype's standard method of the period.

Typedia: Gill Sans

News and updates About: There's enough for a book just about the b, d, p, and q of Gill Sans" Tweet — via Twitter. Retrieved 24 August Gill studied under the renowned calligrapher, Edward Johnston, the designer of the London Underground sans serif typeface. It also included a "Granby Elephant" weight influenced by Gill Kayo.

Lettering was to use the Gill Sans typeface on a background of the regional colour.

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