30 days of night blood trails

Feeling that his job is done George heads back to his place. Eddie, barely alive, uses his bloody finger to scrawl some letters and numbers on George's forearm before he dies. Contributors Become a contributor. Blood Trails Part 5.

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Blood Trails Part 7. George returns to his apartment to find Jenny upset and in withdrawal.

Yet, when he arrives, Eddie has been attacked and the disc destroyed. She attacks him, and he is forced to kill Jenny with a length of pipe. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. In the background, a vampire runs past George, who flees into the bar Eddie had come from.

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30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust (TV Mini-Series – ) - IMDb

However, indoors he runs into his old dealer who wants payment for the drugs. He goes back into the building only to find a bloody stump of Chad's arm, clutching a piece of paper on which the decoded message is written. Blood Trails is dayys two days before the events of the movie, 30 Days of Night, cays is based on a subplot originally found in the original horror graphic novel by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith.

Blood Trails Part 5. He asks George to deliver a message to Judith and begs George to kill him.

30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust

They arrive at Chad's with the message. By clicking "Publish", you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. We come back to when George is being arrested and discovers the message reveals the vampires' plan — nighy "feeding" in Barrow, Alaskawhich will take place the following night. Themes hot vampires, for men, facing danger, drug addiction, bloody and violent.

As Pat is about to hack into a website, he witnesses Cynthia on a webcam being beheaded by another vampire. Views Read Edit View history. Blood Trails'' at YouTube". A trzils has followed George to his apartment and now is looking for him.

Watch 30 Days of Night: Eddie, barely alive, uses his bloody finger to scrawl some letters and numbers on George's forearm before he dies.

Pat sends the code to Cynthia in Los Angeles. George is then water tortured in the bathroom until the vampire kills the trsils.

Set two days before the events in the first film, the series focuses on George Andrew Lauricha young addict who makes a living seeking covert information for Judith, the weary but wise New OrleansLouisiana vampire hunter.

Blood Trails Online promotion.

While waiting outside, Bpood and Jenny talk about what they will do after Cynthia pays him. Both of the miniseries lead to the horrific events of 30 Days of Night.

Episode List

Each clip was released on FEARnet. George uses a nailbat to attack dags escape the vampire. Not wanting to stay long, George runs to Pat's apartment with the code.

Written in a hidden code, Chad needs time to crack it. This task isn't an easy one with everyone involved meeting a bloody end, always just after they decoded the next line of information.

George feels nigyt has been followed and hides with Jenny in the closet. See Full Episode Guide.

The series begins in New Orleans with a man named George covered in blood running towards a police officer who subdues and begins to arrest him when George ignores his commands to stop.

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