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Your contacts will remain available if you transition to using one of the recommended options for your operating system and internet connection speed, or if you decide to access AOL Mail using the AOL app or via the web using a browser. Please choose the new number listed above to continue accessing dial-up internet. When using AOL Dialer and choosing a number to connect to, you'll need to: AOL Desktop won't be uninstalled unless you uninstall it, but you won't be able to access it after it's discontinued. Read more about AOL Mail.

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Look for AOL Uninstaller in the list deskto opens up. Make it your own - give your online experience a personal touch by customizing your toolbar, plus enjoy one-click access to your most frequently visited websites, from shopping to banking and much more. While users were charged subscriptions in the past, they are now able to enjoy its benefits at no charge whatsoever.

Your inbox has utilities that otherwise enables users to aok, write, block emails and keeping tabs on their address book. Follow the instructions in the AOL Uninstaller to complete your uninstallation. Program requires AOL membership.

It is not unique as there has been a similar type before old AOL Suite. Additionally, the download manager enables users to keep watch of download progress while parental control allows parents to des,top the kind of content their kids watch.

There are versions of this software specifically designed to be used with mobile devices. How desktoo uninstall AOL Desktop? If you use dial-up number to connect to the internet, please see the section titled "Using a Windows operating system and a rural dial-up number" for important dial-up information. However, it is important to desmtop that specific bundles such as OnePoint and System Mechanic may encounter issues when running on this updated version of Windows.

Older versions of AOL Desktop will be discontinued

Open your web browser. We make technology simple.

The all-in-one experience with mail, browsing, search and content. Find out what's slowing down your computer and how to fix it with a aok PC health scan from System Checkup. The good news is that this software bundle is desktlp quite frequently. Get help with using AOL Mail. This is a change from the previous number you used with your older version of AOL Desktop. Don't leave without your download! If you use a dial-up phone number to connect to the internet, we recommend downloading and installing AOL Dialer and AOL Shield to continue accessing your AOL services and to avoid losing internet access.

However, the browser is overloaded with unnecessary links that have ceased vesktop work making the general experience uncomfortable. Shopping, banking, social media - we have ways to help protect your information.

AOL Desktop

Older versions of AOL Desktop software are being discontinued. Non-members must aool and pay a monthly fee to use. However, other basic services will not be affected.

If you don't wish to use the recommended option for your operating system and internet connection, you can continue accessing AOL Mail in other ways. Users can aool adjust internal firewalls and similar settings in order to match their preferences.

You can find a lot of useful information about the different software on our QP Download Blog page. If you didn't receive an email or are looking for more help with this transition, review the information below to learn about options dexktop continuing to access your favorite AOL products and services that work with the operating system and internet connection speed you have.

Older versions of AOL Desktop will be discontinued - AOL Help

Read more about System Mechanic. This software can be used with Windows and Mac devices. It's convenient - with AOL Desktop you have access to your online world, all in one place. Download and installation help. Stay informed, entertained and in touch with the AOL app.

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